Meet the Staff

Justin Wiley
Food Services General Manager

Justin oversees the entire Food Service Program at Millard Public Schools. With help from the Support Services Team, this includes ensuring USDA compliance with the school meals program, professional development for all food service staff, and fostering community partnerships. Justin's number one goal is to provide healthy and delicious food while delivering excellent customer service.

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Kristy Boone
Operations Manager and District Marketing Coordinator

Kristy is the operations Manager over the Millard Food Service Program. She also maintains Marketing for Sodexo Food Service, Including creating menu signage, Limited time Offer promotional materials, LCD Slides for High Schools and ensures the kitchens are fresh with decor. Kristy is also the Administrator of the Food Service Website and creates and implements recognition programs. Kristy oversees the daily operations of Abbott, Aldrich,Cather, Cody, Cottonwood, Ezra, Harvey Oaks, Montclair, Morton, North Middle School, Kiewit Middle School and North High School. Kristy also oversee's the Summer Feeding Programs.

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Jennifer Fleming
Growth and Engagement Manager

Jennifer is in charge of student and parent surveys, focus groups, test pilots and assists in developing and implementing new ideas in the kitchens.

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Nancy Yamamoto
Chef Manager and Special Programs Coordinator

Nancy attended UNO Culinary Institute and supervises the daily operations of 11 schools in the district. Nancy also supervises the Catering Department as well as Kids Net during non- school days/ breaks. The schools that Nancy supervises include Bryan, Disney, Hitchcock, Holling Heights, Neihardt, Norris, Rockwell, Sandoz, Andersen Middle, Central Middle and South High School.  
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Jon Lanphier
Food Service Manager

Jon is a Food Service Manager whose responsibility is working with the  Point of Sale systems. Jon studied General Studies, Nutrition, and Food Science at University of Omaha and Metro Community College.
  Following being an owner and chef of a restaurant for almost 14 years, Jon worked as Lead Corporate Trainer, and as a personal Chef. Jon is the Supervisor for Ackerman, Black Elk, Reagan, Reeder, Rohwer, Upchurch, Wheeler, Willowdale, Beadle Middle School, Russell Middle School, Horizon High School and West High School.
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